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Combining our understanding of investors’ appetite with disruptive ideas, products, and services and then simply we bridge the gap. We have crafted a proactive environment to solve problems before they happen. We have a diverse, multitasked, and talented staff to carry out our core business and link and outsource other non-core businesses to reputed service providers. This enables Dubai Cultiv8 to become sustainable business model that is ready to take part in developing and taking companies into next stage of growth.


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Dubai Cultiv8 Holdings Limited (DCHL) is a DIFC based Shariah-compliant company and fully owns Dubai Cultiv8 Investments Limited (DCIL) the regulated asset management arm of the holding company. DCHL aims to be the UAE’s leading public/private partnership specialising in the SME sector providing asset management services, management consultancy services, and helping entrepreneurs in developing and growing their businesses through direct investment, co-management, and providing logistics to scale up into international markets.


Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is centered around providing entrepreneurs and investors with innovative products and services that aim to achieve above-average returns.

These principles serve as the foundation for our approach:

•Active Partnership & Leadership: Our firm doesn't just invest passively; we take an active role in leading and guiding the companies we invest in, actively participating in their growth and success.

•Advisory Services: Beyond financial investment, we offer a range of advisory services, including financial, corporate, technological, and logistics guidance, not only to the companies we invest in but also to other non-investee companies.

•Investor-Focused: The needs and interests of our investors are paramount. We prioritize their requirements and consider them at the core of our business operations.

•Global Business Conduct: We adhere to global standards of business conduct, emphasizing ethical practices, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

•Talented & Connected Team: Our firm employs multi-tasking, well-connected, and knowledgeable professionals. This indicates that we have a skilled team capable of identifying and pursuing opportunities effectively.

•Disruptive Investment Opportunities: We actively seek out unique and disruptive investment opportunities. We are keen on finding ventures with high growth potential and innovation.

•Corporate Social Responsibility: Our firm maintains a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, implying that we prioritize making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Our Vision & Mission


WHAT: Leveraging on our relationship with Dubai SME and MBRF, to develop the eco-system with special attention on ESG which will enhance the SMEs participation and contribution in the economy.

HOW: Through the development of both equity & financing vehicles for small and medium sized companies specializing in the technology, healthcare, education, and other high potential sectors based locally, regionally, and internationally.


Maximise Dubai Cultiv8 stakeholders’ values through:

• Introducing high quality investment products with attention to risk management.

• Replicating the successful models and developing them in Saudi Arabia and scaling them up to larger MENA and beyond.

• Building knowledge and expertise in investing and managing start-ups, growth stage and late-stage companies in Dubai, expanding them to Abu Dhabi and other Emirates, then to Saudi Arabia & GCC.


Majority of shares owned by Mohamed bin Rashid Fund for SME (MBRF) and minority shares owned by a family office from Abu Dhabi, a family office from Dubai, and a family office from India.
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Office 104, Level 1, Gate Village 11 (The Exchange Building) Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), P.O.Box 66166 Dubai, UAE, Regulated by DFSA

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